Industrial Printers Serving All Regional and National Markets

At LabelMasters we understand the adage that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. That’s why we invest in the best industrial printers on the market today. A laser printer label has been made with the best equipment and at LabelMasters we settle for nothing less. We have a large selection of industrial printers to meet a variety of label orders from monotone to multi-color labels.

Equipment Used to Produce Accurate and Resilient Labels

  • Roland Versa 330: An award-winning piece of equipment, the Versa 330 is the first printer designed to be a LED-UV inkjet printer/cutter line and also be able to print clear coat, white, and CMYK designs in addition to being able to contour cut designs. The ability to do all these tasks in one workflow makes the Versa 330 a versatile piece of equipment.
  • Saturn Platinum II: A clamshell printing press, the Saturn Platinum II sees use in our business daily. A precise printer, the Platinum II is specifically designed to provide the highest-quality prints possible. More information about this printer can be read here.
  • SummaCut-R D140: A unique feature of the D140 is its OPOS X sensor. This sensor can read registration marks that allow for contour cutting. It can work with very specific materials used in label making, such as vinyl, laminated, mirrored, and reflective surfaces.
  • TX-600H Laminator: The TX-600H is a laminator with hot and cold laminating settings. With a capacity to laminate projects up to 64’ in size, the TX-600H can undertake very large projects. It is also highly useful for heat laminating mount decals, such as those used on automobiles.

Quality Control

At LabelMasters we always carefully check every label after printing to ensure it is of the best quality. We stand by every one of the vinyl graphics and magnet labels we make and only send out the best of the best.

Artwork and Shipping

All artwork should be submitted in a vector format at 100% zoom. It should also be clear and die cut with your desired positioning indicated. We can match colors but a provided color list is useful. LabelMasters always ships quickly via UPS or truck, with your desired method, and to the right location.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at (928) 348-9900.

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